Once again, an array of posters caught my eye and brain.

It seems to be a letter by the Premier of BC (the provincial head of government) during Expo ’86, the World’s Fair held in Vancouver. Just the letter, nothing else. So I suppose the juxtaposition of the timing of this act together with the 2010 Olympics drawing near speaks for itself. If this is a call to attention the parallels of Expo ’86 and The 2010 Olympics, then I guess whoever put up these posters thinks 2010 is going to a good thing, because as I understand, Expo was mostly a positive experience for Vancouver and left many positive long term results such as new infrastructure, urban revitalization, increased economic presence, and so on. But I also thought that the act of putting up anonymous and cryptic “art” is (besides viral marketers) generally an activity of the left leaning (read: anti-Olympics). But this person is in support of the Olympics? Condemning the Olympics (anti-gentrification of any kind despite any perceived gains) and I missed the point? Is apolitical and just posing the question? Please help. Whatever the intention is, I like the idea.

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