I Speak Little

New posts on this blog are a rarity. Quite frankly, I lead a fairly quiet and uneventful life of puzzles and Chamomile tea. Also, as it turns out, meticulously crafting new additions to this space usually feels like an act of a disproportionate effort-to-results ratio. So although this blog actually is lovingly maintained, it changes quite infrequently. But, just in case anyone looks at this blog with any kind of frequency, I’d like to note there are a couple of new additions to this website.

      Please take a look at the sidebar to the right. pointing-hand

      If you would take a look, you will notice that there is a link to my work. Not far below that, there is a feed of observations (called “An Observation”) pulled from another blog that I maintain as kind of a personal journal. This alternate blog has much more frequent contributions consisting of some observations I make about life in general. Thanks for checking in!

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