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This is the personal blog-in-progress of Jae-Ho Yoo Jae-Ho Yoo, a Flash developer in beautiful Vancouver, BC, where I live with my wife Nadia Wife x 1, no children Children x 0, and no pets Pets x 0.
      Professionally, I spend my days as a programmer/designer working with ActionScript3.0 in Flash and a little XML, Javascript, PHP, XHTML, and CSS to help the Flash along.

About The Title
‘Digital Translations Of An Analogue Mind’ is derived from the fact that, although I work with computer technologies (programming programming, interactive design interactive, digital images still and moving images), I still get excited about working with good old paper and things where you can see the working parts do their thing. But since being introduced to the possibilities that coding offers, I’ve become a strong believer in digital technologies as very powerful conduits for creativity and imagination. So although I’m not used to thinking like a “technologist” (I’m always taking in all the cool tech stuff out there), I often use digital means to inform, inspire, and express what my mind is processing. Like this blog, for example.

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