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This might be old news to some, but Sita Sings The Blues is a feature length animated movie by Nina Paley based around an ancient Indian legend. Definitely worth a watch and a it’s a free download in glorious HD.

      The movie and animation are good enough that the interest in this project could stop there. But there’s more. Despite the relatively (it’s no Avatar) enormous personal cost of producing the movie, it was actually done on an insanely low budget and was a labour of love rather than art for profit. The final kicker is that the project was made with, and is available as, open source material. With a few exceptions, all the third party materials Nina Paley used are available for free to folk just like you and me ( was a popular source for this material. It also has a nice library of the old Superman cartoons).

      Of even more interest for me is that all her source files are almost entirely Flash (.fla) files available for free download at with a CC Share Alike license. So I downloaded a few files and saw what I could do with them through ActionScript. The jump below will take you to an animation where Sita’s mouth should move when you speak into a microphone. I suggest you keep a little distance from the mic, and even then you’ll probably need to play around with the mic settings.

Download my source files here.

      I can post the pertinent parts of the code if anyone requests, otherwise, just give me a shout if you have any questions.

Note: Nina’s Flash source files are generally a little hard to work with in terms of a programming environment. It’s all timeline animations and the assets aren’t necessarily crafted to be easily targeted for programming purposes. It’s nothing but hand-made love.

Accidents and Chemicals is an idea concerning how we end up behaving the way we do. So I made a type of animated poster to convey the concept.
      Click anywhere on the thingy below to start. If you have the time, let it run for a while.

Get Adobe Flash player

      The thinking is that the path of the triangles can eventually lead to some kind of seemingly intended and coherent result. But this result is dependent on the random behaviour of constituent parts (accidents) that may or not have the right configurations (chemicals). C’est De L’art, you see.

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The little triangle thingy below is an interactive version of the Love-Growth-Cash Triangle by Jack Cheng. It’s a graph to visualize the totality of career/life decisions based on personal enjoyment, personal growth, and paying the bills. Or so I think. I think his idea was to demonstrate how much of the triangle you might be missing if you weight your life decisions too heavily on one of those criteria. I thought it could also show how much of the total you’ve got covered. Not a perfect representation (and yes, it’s all relative) but I thought it could at least assist in clarifying things.
      My good friend Thomas sent the link to me (rather topical at the time and still is at the time of this posting) and I wanted to see how quickly I could knock out an interactive version. It just looked ripe for some dynamic behaviour.
      Click and drag the coloured circle below.

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