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Alright, so the expo poster project is a funded, organized, publicized, artistic effort by Jeremy Shaw titled Something’s Happening Here.

      Here they were again, in a different location.

      Since it did catch my attention, I figured I better do some research and have at least a rough idea of what I’m talking about. Since, you know, a Google search only takes a few seconds. So here it is. And here. This thread is now closed.

Again with the posters The first set of Expo Posters.

      Same place, about a month later. Though I haven’t walked by there in probably a month, so who knows, maybe someone is lovingly changing the installation every morning. Good work though. So enigmatic. So guerilla. Although one weird thing to consider is: where are they getting the posters? I’d think that they are rare or at least kind of expensive to print out.


Once again, an array of posters caught my eye and brain.

It seems to be a letter by the Premier of BC (the provincial head of government) during Expo ’86, the World’s Fair held in Vancouver. Just the letter, nothing else. So I suppose the juxtaposition of the timing of this act together with the 2010 Olympics drawing near speaks for itself. If this is a call to attention the parallels of Expo ’86 and The 2010 Olympics, then I guess whoever put up these posters thinks 2010 is going to a good thing, because as I understand, Expo was mostly a positive experience for Vancouver and left many positive long term results such as new infrastructure, urban revitalization, increased economic presence, and so on. But I also thought that the act of putting up anonymous and cryptic “art” is (besides viral marketers) generally an activity of the left leaning (read: anti-Olympics). But this person is in support of the Olympics? Condemning the Olympics (anti-gentrification of any kind despite any perceived gains) and I missed the point? Is apolitical and just posing the question? Please help. Whatever the intention is, I like the idea.

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There is a (free) WordPress application for the iPhone that provides an easy and intuitive interface to make blog posts from the iPhone. The app allows you to upload images from your camera roll or to take a snapshot at the time of writing a post and it will be directly inserted into said post. It also locally stores and manages posts and comments, whether they are published, drafts or other.
      Not the most Earth-shattering app ever (nor is WordPress the only example of a blogging app). It’s not like you couldn’t make posts from your smart-phone without it. Most people probably wouldn’t do it anyways. But I think this is a good example of how people with a given skill-set got together to improve something they believe in and bring it in line with technological trends, in this case the WordPress platform and mobile devices. I know I’m more likely to post from my iPhone because of it.
      So this is a test to see how it works, using a photo I took near my home.

      The repetition of the posters made me pause as patterns often do, so I took a picture. The vignetting is not a camera effect, rather, it is a result of me forgetting to remove the lens cover. I think it works with the deteriorating feel of the street itself, so I kept this photo.

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