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I like to ride bicycles. And whenever I head for an epic ride, I never leave without a helmet, a pump, and my trusty repair kit. So while out for a ride today, my world got rocked by the disruptive boing of a snapping bike chain. I thought, no problem, my mini chain breaker will have me back on the road in a jiffy, like it had so many times before. Wrong. The pin on my chain tool had fixed its last chain and silently broken off without me noticing. So I stood there, like MacGuyver with a bend corkscrew, lamenting my injured multi-tool. I’ve actually had this tool longer I’ve had any of my bikes. But you gotta move on. Which means I had to think. Being a careless sort sometimes, I had failed to repack some zip-ties (a repair kit essential) into my little kit. So after sniffing around the ground not unlike a dog, I found a discarded drinking straw. When bent properly, a used straw becomes a reasonable way to keep a bike chain together. So with the chain barely held together with a soiled piece of plastic, I was able to ride home by using a sequence of a quarter pedal forward followed by a quarter pedal backwards. Hey, it saved me a long walk in cycling shoes, which is never fun. So the lesson here: there’s no such thing as trash. Only potentially useful items that are just between things.

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