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Welcome to the inaugural real post of the weblog of Jae-Ho Yoo. Here, I will share with you my darkest, deepest, innermost secrets and wacky, random musings about all sorts of things. This might include stuff about Flash programming, which is what I do. But this isn’t meant to be one of those technical blogs, it won’t be all Flash. The maintenance of this blog is also a way for acquaintances of mine to catch up on what I’m up to because I don’t have a Facebook account. Yes, I’m that guy. The one who looked the Facebook pirates square in their beady eyes and said, “nein.”
      So, lets have good times together. Whether that means tinkering with and discussing the latest craze to hit the world or we animate Gladys, The Groovy Mule, we should be in for quite the sojourn on this vast, enigmatic dimension we call the intubewebs.

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